Snow Moutain H2O pure spring water delivery services providing pure crystal clear spring water to your home and office in Redding Ca and surrounding counties

The FACTS about bottled water

Drinking water regulates body temperature, carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells, as well as lubricates and protects joints and tissues.

Most soda, juice or sport drinks contain sugar and/or caffeine which actually accelerate dehydration.

Water is great for your skin, it flushes cell damaging toxins caused by stress, alcohol, rich foods, and cleans impurities from your system.

Our brain is 85% water, our blood is 79% water, and our lungs 90% water.

Under normal circumstances the body loses and needs to replace approximately two to three quarts of water a day.

Drink a minimum of 8 - 8oz. glasses of water daily.

When it comes to pure mountain spring water in Northern California, The choice is yours!

Do you know where your drinking water comes from? Some bottled water is supplied from a city municipal source, which is chlorinated and extensively processed. Then, the water is pumped through either a reverse osmosis filter system or a purification process that strips the water of all natural qualities and minerals. However, some brands add minerals or additives back into the water to improve the taste.

There are some who think spring water is pure and unprocessed. Unfortunately, there are brands of spring water that pump their water into a tanker truck to transport the water to a bottling facility where the water is again, pumped into another tank before being treated and bottled.

At Snow Mountain Spring Water, the crystal clear spring water flows deep within the earth's layers of fractured volcanic rock, naturally filtering itself. By gravity flow, the water travels a short distance, through a completely sealed pipeline system, to the bottling facility. The unique quality of this source is what makes Snow Mountain Spring Water so exceptionally pure, incredibly refreshing and full of the earth's vitality. Water that flows the Bottle. Our goal is to protect the natural integrity and quality of our spring water.

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