Snow Moutain H2O pure spring water delivery services providing pure crystal clear spring water to your home and office in Redding Ca and surrounding counties
All natural bottled spring water delivery services in Redding and Northern California


to Northern California's Best Bottled Water

Nearly fifty years ago, our grandfather plumbed the first piece of pipeline into the pristine spring that supplied the original Snow Mountain cabin. Friends and family were so impressed with this crisp, cold, and crystal clear mountain spring water, that they too filled their own bottles for drinking. We continued to use this same water system throughout the years. No pumps, no tanks, and no filters... just pure, natural, mountain spring water!

Today, we use a fully automated, state of the art, bottling system that bottles Snow Mountain Spring Water at the source. Our water meets or exceeds state and federal standards for bottled water quality and is virtually unprocessed, completely free of any additives or alterations often found in other bottled waters. We are a family owned and operated business that is devoted to providing man-kind with an uncompromised, exceptionally pure, delicious natural spring water. Water that flows the Bottle!

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